Each year, we publish numerous articles on the topic of estate planning. Here are 10 of our top articles from 2018:

1. Gathering the Information You Need to Get Started

The estate planning process begins with gathering the information you will need in order to ensure that your plan is as comprehensive as possible. Learn about the types of information you will need to share with your estate planning attorney in: What Information Do You Need to Prepare Your Will?

2. Minimizing the Risk of Estate Litigation

For many people, one of the most important goals of estate planning is to minimize the risk of disputes between their family members after their death. We discussed some key considerations for avoiding potential conflicts in: How Can I Ensure My Loved Ones Won’t Fight Over My Estate?

3. Avoiding Mistakes During the Estate Planning Process

In addition to taking affirmative steps to develop a comprehensive estate plan, during the estate planning process, there are also certain mistakes you need to avoid. We discussed several of the most-common estate planning mistakes in: 7 Mistakes to Avoid During the Estate Planning Process.

4. Durable Powers of Attorney

What is a durable power of attorney, and why should you consider incorporating a power of attorney into your estate plan? Find out in: Estate Planning in Texas: Should You Prepare a Durable Power of Attorney?

5. Health Care Directives

Many people are understandably confused about the differences between powers of attorney, health care directives and living wills. We worked to demystify the health care aspects of estate planning in: Estate Planning in Texas: Understanding the Importance of Health Care Directives.

6. Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important and often-overlooked tool that can serve a variety of estate planning purposes. Learn about some of the reasons to consider incorporating life insurance into your estate plan in: Life Insurance and Estate Planning: Here’s What You Need to Know.

7. Generation-Skipping Transfers

A lesser-known, but equally important, estate planning too is the generation-skipping transfer (GST). Learn what parents and grandparents need to know about GSTs in: Should You Include a Generation-Skipping Transfer (GST) in Your Estate Plan?

8. Special Considerations for Parents with Minor Children

For parents with minor children, preparing a comprehensive and carefully-thought-out estate plan takes on heightened importance. Learn why in: Estate Planning Considerations for Parents with Minor Children.

9. Special Considerations for Millennials

Do you need an estate plan if you are in your 20s or 30s? Find out why all millennials (including parents and non-parents) should have at least a basic estate plan in: What Do Millennials Need to Know About Estate Planning?

10. Keeping Your Estate Plan Updated

Finally, while a sound estate plan will anticipate and proactively address many potential changes during your lifetime, there are still a number of circumstances that may require estate plan modifications. Find out if it may be time to revisit your estate plan in: 5 Changes that May Require You to Modify Your Estate Plan.

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