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As an adult living in Texas, changing your name is a fairly straightforward process. If you meet the necessary requirements and file the requisite paperwork, the process can usually be over in about 60 days. Contact one of our McKinney adult name change attorneys today if you need help with changing your name.

Requirements to File for an Adult Name Change in Texas

As an adult, the only specific requirement to change your name is that you must not have a felony conviction on your criminal record. If you have been convicted of a felony, you are only eligible to obtain a name change if:

  • At least two years have passed since you received a certificate of discharge or completed court-ordered community supervision or juvenile probation; or,
  • You have been pardoned.

Otherwise, you can file for an adult name change at any time, including during a divorce or after your divorce is final.

Process for Obtaining an Adult Name Change

To request a name change, you must file a Petition for Change of Name in your local county court. You must include a copy of your fingerprints in an acceptable format, and the petition form must include information such as:

  • Your current name and address
  • Your sex, race, date of birth and social security number
  • Your full new requested name
  • Your reason for requesting a name change
  • Whether you have been convicted of a felony
  • Whether you are a registered sex offender
  • Certain other information about your criminal history
  • Each of your driver’s license numbers for the past 10 years

Once you submit your Petition for Change of Name, you will need to schedule a time to appear before a judge and testify as to the accuracy of the information in the petition. Assuming you have submitted all of the necessary information, the judge will issue an Order for Change of Name, which you can then use to change your name with the Social Security Administration (SSA), Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), your employer, your bank, and any other necessary companies or authorities.

Restoring Your Maiden Name During Your Divorce

If you wish to restore your maiden name as part of your divorce, you can petition the court for a name change at various stages in the process. The request for a name change is commonly included in the wife’s initial divorce filing; however, if you do not decide to change your name until later on, you can amend your court filings as necessary. When you request to restore your maiden name as part of your divorce, your Final Decree of Divorce serves as official documentation of your name change, and you can begin using your maiden name immediately after your divorce is over.

For more information about changing your name during a divorce, you can read: Can You Change Your Name After You Get Divorced in Texas?

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If you would like help filing a Petition for Change of Name in Collin County or have questions about the name change process, please feel free to contact us for a complimentary initial consultation. You can reach our McKinney adult name change attorneys by phone at (214) 726-1450, or send us a message online and we will respond promptly.

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