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Divorce is the legal process of ending your marriage, but it is also an emotional ordeal that requires sensitivity and understanding. The outcome of your divorce has a profound impact on your relationship with your children and your financial future. An experienced, caring and knowledgeable Collin County divorce attorney can help you through this transition.

At Nordhaus Walpole, PLLC, our attorneys are highly trained and respected legal professionals who have helped many clients move through a divorce with their legal rights protected, their finances intact and their stress minimized. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can assist with your divorce.

Divorce in Texas

Divorce in Texas begins when one spouse files a petition with the court to dissolve a marriage. Most divorce cases are no fault, but if the behavior of one spouse was the reason for ending the marriage, the court may take this fact into account when determining how to divide marital property.

A divorce may not be granted for at least 60 days after the initial divorce petition is filed (except in extreme cases), but most cases take longer because custody, child support and asset division issues must be resolved.

It is generally best if families are able to negotiate these issues outside of court through collaborative divorce, mediation or working together with their Collin County family law lawyers to arrive at a divorce settlement. The attorneys at Nordhaus Walpole, PLLC, have ample experience representing clients committed to avoiding the stress and animosity associated with a litigated divorce.

If you cannot resolve your divorce issues out of court, a family court judge will hear arguments from both spouses and make decisions in accordance with Texas law on:

A variety of laws govern these decisions. For example, in Texas, the court will decide on child custody by considering various factors to determine what is in the best interest of the child. Division of marital property is made equitably, but that does not necessarily mean property is divided equally. The length of the marriage and contributions of both spouses are considered when deciding asset division and spousal support issues.

A Collin County Divorce Lawyer Can Help

Negotiating an out-of-court divorce settlement requires a clear head, an understanding of your rights, knowledge of the law and a commitment to keeping emotion out of the process. When both parties are represented by their own divorce attorney, the chances of a successful negotiation are greatly increased and the divorce process is much easier for all involved.

However, when a case goes to court, you need a passionate, skilled lawyer who has the experience to advocate for you and protect your interests. At Nordhaus Walpole, PLLC, our family law lawyers have a long track record of successfully negotiating out-of-court settlements and a history of successfully representing clients in litigated divorces.

We understand how important the outcome of your divorce is to you and we will always treat your case with sensitivity and compassion. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help with your divorce case.

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