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Child Visitation and New Ways of Parenting

Once you have a final divorce order with a child custody plan in place, it’s time to make sure everyone abides by the agreement and does what’s best for the children at all times. Many former couples notice that parenting after a divorce, like many other aspects of life, becomes easier in the absence of bitterness, tension or disappointment.

At Nordhaus Walpole, PLLC, we will work hard on resolving child custody issues during your initial divorce proceedings in hopes of things working out smoothly; however, being a good co-parent will likely be the crux of the agreement.

If you’re worried things aren’t working out as planned, contact a Frisco child visitation lawyer at our office. We are here to help with custody, visitation and modification issues.

Developing New Habits

Post-divorce co-parenting is a whole new way of parenting for many. You have a court order that can greatly eliminate stress because as long as you follow the order, you know you are doing what everyone has agreed is best for your children. That said, parents should consider the following:

  • Follow the order. If you feel part of it was decided unfairly or based on bad or missing evidence, we may be able to seek an appeal or modification. If either parent fails to follow the order, you can almost certainly expect legal complications. When such issues arise, that’s when it’s time to contact our office.
  • Show up on time. This is a simple one, but it can make a big difference. Maybe one parent is used to running late because of work or some other reason, but being on time for pick-ups, drop-offs and visits is important. It helps your children feel stable, avoids resentment between former spouses and helps prevent later legal actions.
  • Communicate appropriately. If you are going to be late, notify the other parent as soon as possible. If you have something to say, be brief and polite. If you receive communication that isn’t the greatest news, think about how your reaction might impact your children.
  • Dont fight anymore. Do your best to avoid arguing, especially screaming, blaming or name-calling. This might mean avoiding triggers, like seeing each other for more than a few minutes, or thinking twice before sending texts you might later regret. Keep things as cordial as possible and try to stay focused on the kids.
  • Protect your children’s best interest. If you find yourself in a situation that doesn’t seem to be working, do your best to stay calm and take the appropriate action. Our attorneys are here to help you when you need to modify child visitation.

When Things Just Aren’t Working

Unfortunately, sometimes new ways of parenting simply do not work. Maybe one or both parents fail to follow the court order because of anger or just poor planning. At times, something that seemed like a good idea originally is making your children desperately unhappy, so an alternative should be considered. On occasion, a change in circumstances means the old order may need to be revisited. In such cases, the main objective is still the same in Texas — focus on your children’s best interest.

Talk to a child visitation lawyer at our firm to learn more about what options you may have to enforce required co-parenting or modify custody agreements.

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