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Enforcement of Child Support in McKinney, TX

If your former spouse or partner has stopped paying child support, you can seek to enforce his or her payment obligation in the Texas family courts. Parents’ obligations to pay child support are established by court order, and violating a court order is a serious matter that can have significant repercussions. The courts have a variety of options available for helping child support recipients collect the money they need to provide for their children; and, if you need to seek enforcement of child support, our McKinney family lawyers can go to court to help restart your payments as quickly as possible.

Remedies for Non-Payment of Child Support in Texas

When one parent refuses to pay child support voluntarily, there are several legal mechanisms that can be used to redirect funds to the recipient-parent (referred to in legal terms as the child support “obligee”). If you are entitled to child support and your former spouse or partner refuses to pay, depending on the circumstances involved, our attorneys may be able to petition the court to:

  • Garnish your former spouse’s or partner’s wages
  • Issue a charging order against your former spouse’s or partner’s business
  • Withhold tax refunds issued to your former spouse or partner
  • Intercept lottery winnings or other government payments to your former spouse or partner
  • Seize or issue a lien against your former spouse’s or partner’s property

In addition to issuing these types of orders for payment of funds, the courts can also suspend non-paying parents’ drivers’ licenses, professional licenses, and fish and game licenses, and they can even sentence non-paying parents to jail for contempt of court.

Self-Help Is Not an Option for Child Support Enforcement

If you need to enforce your right to child support, it is critical that you do so through formal legal means. Self-help is not an option, and it can get you into deep legal trouble. For example, if you are not receiving child support payments, this does not entitle you to prevent your former spouse or partner from seeing your children. If you interfere with your former spouse’s or partner’s conservatorship rights, you may be in violation of a court order, and this could have a significant negative impact on your ability to enforce child support.

What to Do if You Cannot Make Your Child Support Payments

If you are unable to make your child support payments, it is important that you discuss your situation with an attorney. As we mentioned above, failure to pay child support can result in jail time; and, if it appears that you are intentionally refusing to pay, the judge will likely use all available means to enforce your payment obligation (including payment of any arrears). Depending on your financial circumstances, you may be able to file for a child support modification; and, if at all possible, you should do this before you fall behind on your child support payments.

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