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Child alienation (also referred to as “parental alienation”) is a very serious issue that can have significant legal implications and lasting psychological consequences for the children involved. Child alienation refers to one parent’s attempt to negatively influence a child’s relationship with their other parent, typically in the context of a divorce or other family-related legal proceeding in which the alienating parent hopes to establish an exclusive relationship with their child. However, while an alienating parent may believe that their actions are in their child’s best interests, studies have shown that child alienation can lead to emotional and social difficulties – and in many cases these difficulties can last into adulthood.

If you are concerned that your spouse or partner is attempting to alienate you from your children, you should seek legal advice promptly. When left unchecked, alienation can potentially have favorable consequences for the alienating parent with regard to custody and visitation (referred to as “conservatorship” in Texas). However, if you take action to intervene, you can seek legal remedies to protect you and your child, and you can ensure that your final custody determination will truly reflect the best interests of your children.

Signs of Child Alienation

Attempted child alienation is an unfortunate reality in many divorces and separations where one or both parents are unwilling to work toward an amicable resolution. There are many different degrees of child alienation, ranging from passive insults to aggressive degradation and even physical interference with the parent-child relationship.  

Additionally, while some parents are openly hostile in communications with their children present, others may seek to hide their attempts at child alienation. The following are all potential warning signs of child alienation:

  • Your child suddenly acts differently toward you than he or she did previously
  • Your child says he or she no longer wants to speak with you
  • Your child mimics or imitates hostile behaviors that do not reflect his or her personality
  • Your child only speaks favorably about his or her other parent, possibly with language or “talking points” that appear to be planted by your spouse or partner
  • Your child is knowledgeable (or has a skewed perception) of communications between you and your spouse or partner for which your child was not present
  • Your child attempts to conceal neglect, abuse or other inappropriate conduct by his or her other parent
  • Your child makes false allegations of abuse or neglect against you
  • Your child seems to believe that he or she must choose one parent over the other

Overcoming Attempts at Child Alienation

When we represent parents in cases of suspected child alienation, we use a variety of different forensic and legal methods to accurately portray our clients in court. When necessary, we also assist our clients with obtaining restraining orders and protective orders to prevent ongoing alienation. No parent or child should be subjected to alienation, and our experienced family law attorneys can help make sure that you and your child have the relationship and legal protection you deserve.

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