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At N&N, we understand that family law is an area of the law that is, for obvious reasons, intensely personal, and that clients involved in family law disputes need both personal and professional support through times that are highly emotional, but require calm and reasoned decision-making. Our McKinney divorce lawyers have the ability and experience to handle all of your family law needs, from the detailed management of a complex marital property dispute to the sensitive advocacy needed in an emotionally charged child custody proceeding.

Understanding What to Expect in Your Divorce

Some of the other decisions involved in getting divorced relate to the procedures you will use to end your marriage. Many couples find that they are able to use non-adversarial methods – such as collaborative law and mediation – that can save time and money while avoiding the heated disputes that often lead to post-separation animosity. While these options have numerous benefits, they also involve an element of compromise; so it is important to fully understand the options available before deciding how to proceed with your divorce.

When you choose to work with us, your McKinney divorce lawyer will help you understand and address all of the issues involved in getting divorced in Texas, including:

At Nordhaus & Nordhaus, PC, we truly care about our clients. Our goal is to help you protect your rights and obtain a favorable divorce settlement that allows you to live comfortably and happily once your divorce is final.

What Do I Need to Do to Prepare for My Divorce?

When preparing for a divorce, there are a number of steps you need to take (and some mistakes you want to avoid) to get ready for the process. These include things like:

  • Collecting your financial records
  • Making a list of your personal property
  • Staying in your marital home (except under certain circumstances)
  • Avoiding significant purchases that are out of the norm
  • Reviewing your estate plan
  • Securing the asset you will need to cover the costs of your divorce

When you schedule your free consultation, we will go over everything you need to know in detail so that you can put yourself in the best position possible to protect your interests during your divorce. Our McKinney divorce lawyers do not expect you to know what to do – it is our job to make sure that you are fully informed and feel confident in both the process and outcome of your divorce.

Our McKinney Divorce Lawyers Outline the Divorce Process in Texas

Spouses in Texas have a number of options when it comes to finalizing the terms of their divorce. As a result, there is not one clear point-to-point process. Instead, the process can best be broken down into five major stages, with important decisions needing to be made at each step along the way:

1. Divorce Planning and Preparation

The divorce process begins (or at least should begin) before you actually file for divorce. It is important to have a plan and strategy in place, and you will want to begin your preparations early in order to make the process as smooth as possible.

2. Filing for Divorce

Once you are ready, your attorney will file a divorce petition to formally start the divorce process. Your attorney will also arrange for your spouse to be served; and, depending on the circumstances at hand, there may be certain additional legal steps that need to be taken as well.

3. Choosing the Path Forward

Will you and your spouse arrange private negotiation sessions with your respective attorneys? Will you pursue mediation or a collaborative law divorce? Does your divorce appear to be headed toward litigation? Before you start working toward a resolution, you (and your spouse) will need to choose how you are going to move forward.

4. Working Toward a Mutually-Agreeable Resolution with Skilled McKinney Divorce Lawyers

Once you decide how you are going to resolve the distribution of your community property, calculation of child support and alimony (if any), and the division of parenting time, then you and your spouse can begin working to come to terms. This process can take anywhere from weeks to months, and it may be necessary to use a combination of the methods discussed above.

5. Finalizing Your Divorce

After you have fully resolved all of the relevant issues, then you and your spouse can submit your divorce settlement agreement to the court for a judge’s approval. Once the judge approves, the divorce process (and your marriage) will be over.

Our McKinney Divorce Lawyers Explains What Parents Need to Keep in Mind

As a parent, going through a divorce requires careful consideration of a number of issues that relate specifically to your children’s financial and emotional needs. From the method you and your spouse choose for getting divorced to the statutory calculation of child support, virtually all aspects of your divorce can play a role in your children’s post-divorce lives.

If you are a parent preparing to go through a divorce in Texas, here are five key facts our McKinney divorce lawyers want youto keep in mind:

1. You Have Options

When it comes to the process for getting divorced, you have options. Going to court is one option, but it is invariably the most expensive, and it also has perhaps the greatest potential to have an emotional influence on your children. Divorce litigation tends to be contentious (especially since going to court is a last resort for spouses who cannot resolve their differences amicably), and this can lead to difficult and conflicting feelings for children who see their parents in dispute with one another.

As a result, before resorting to the courts, it is important to pursue the other options that are available. Even parents who are in stark disagreement over the terms of their divorce can often come to terms through methods such as mediation and collaborative divorce. For more on these options, you can read: Divorce Options in Texas.

2. What You Do Now Can Influence Your Child Custody Rights

For parents contemplating divorce, preparation can be essential to securing the custody, property and financial rights you desire. With regard to custody in particular, everything from involvement in school activities to deciding whether to relocate out-of-state after your divorce can factor into the “best interest of the child” analysis.

3. You Are Entitled to the Information You Need to Calculate Child Support

Even though child support awards in Texas are determined based upon a statutory formula, arriving at an accurate calculation still requires a clear understanding of the law and access to all of your spouse’s relevant financial information. You are entitled to this information in your divorce (and your spouse is entitled to your financial records as well), but if your spouse attempts to hide income – or even fails to disclose key information in good faith – this could greatly impact your final child support award. Our McKinney divorce lawyers are here to help; especially in those complicated situations 

4. There Are Issues to Consider Beyond Custody and Child Support

While custody and child support are likely two of your greatest concerns, it is important not to ignore the other issues that are involved in your divorce. For example, your McKinney divorce attorney may need to negotiate a division of property that allows you to keep the family home, and you may want to negotiate an arrangement for covering your children’s college expenses – since these expenses generally are not covered by child support.

5. Divorce Decrees are Final

Finally, while it is possible to modify divorce degrees under limited circumstances, it is important to approach your divorce with the goal of securing a final resolution. Parents should think critically about all of the relevant issues, and should focus on ensuring that the outcome of their divorce will serve their and their children’s needs long-term as much as possible.

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