No one wants to spend money on a divorce, particularly on legal fees. So it may seem like a good way to cut costs is to use a DIY divorce kit.

For some couples, this approach works well. However, before committing to this option, it is important to understand how to avoid mistakes that could haunt you for years and cost thousands of dollars. Experienced McKinney divorce lawyers explain what to watch for.

Be Aware That All Decisions are Final

When you prepare paperwork that becomes part of a final divorce decree, the terms you establish will be legally binding. You will have to live with the decisions you’ve made about how you divide property and allocate debt.

Therefore, before you make these crucial decisions, it is essential to understand your rights and legal obligations. Do you know which property is your separate property and which property is marital property subject to division under Texas law? Did you have a prenuptial agreement and if so, is it legally enforceable? Are you required to share in debts contracted by your spouse? 

When you work with skilled McKinney divorce lawyers, your legal advisor reviews your circumstances with an eye toward preserving your assets and protecting your rights. When you take the DIY approach, you need to become the expert on the law and watch your own back.  

Be Ready to Compromise

For a DIY divorce to succeed, both spouses must reach an agreement on every aspect of the proceedings. Divorce lawyers in McKinney frequently assist clients to reach an accord through the collaborative divorce process, but the task can be challenging when you try it without a trained legal counselor who can steer past resentment and other emotional obstacles.

Issues where you’ll need an absolute agreement include:

  • Identifying separate and community property
  • Division of property and debts
  • Handling the family home
  • Payment of spousal support
  • Allocation of retirement assets and other complex property
  • Developing a parenting plan for custody and visitation

Not only will you need to come to a legally acceptable agreement on all terms, you will also need to ensure that you draw up your agreement and complete other documents in compliance with legal requirements so that you can obtain a binding final divorce decree.

Consult McKinney Divorce Lawyers to Review Your Options

Finding the most cost-effective solution in divorce is important. However, the option with the lowest upfront cost will not necessarily provide the best bargain in the long run. If your decision to forgo legal advice obligates you to pay additional debt or causes you to lose out on property that is rightfully yours, then that decision would be a mistake.

Before purchasing a package or signing any paperwork, you owe it to yourself to consult knowledgeable McKinney divorce lawyers to learn about your options for an economical divorce. To speak confidentially with a member of the team at Nordhaus & Nordhaus, PC, contact us now.