Most parents in McKinney assume child support is determined by a straightforward mathematical formula. They also assume the enforcement procedures are the same in every case. However, McKinney family lawyers know that there are many factors that can complicate the way child support is calculated and collected. These factors in turn affect parents’ ability to have a support order modified. Special needs and extraordinary expenses naturally have an impact on child support, but there are a few more situations many parents have never considered.

Payments Withheld by Employers Don’t Always Go to the Children

The vast majority of child support payments in Texas are collected through wage garnishment or employer withholding. However, sometimes the amounts collected disappear.

In some cases, employers “borrow” the cash to fill in gaps in their income stream. Other times, administrative inefficiency or mistakes prevent the payments from going to the custodial parent. Regardless of the cause, both parents lose when payments are stolen or lost. If the custodial parent is not receiving payments that the other parent believes have been taken from a paycheck or account, McKinney family lawyers can investigate to determine the problem and whether a third party could be held liable for damages.

Self-Employment and Independent Contractor Status Creates Numerous Challenges

When a parent works as an independent contractor, they are not an employee. Accordingly, it can be challenging to determine that parent’s gross and net income. In addition, it can be even more challenging to collect payments because there are no regular paychecks for withholding.

If you suspect the other parent is hiding income, McKinney family lawyers could investigate and determine the best way to enforce obligations.

Parents Living or Working Out of State Can Add New Laws to the Equation

When a child support case involves the laws of two different states, matters can get complicated in a number of ways. For instance, while Texas generally ends child support obligations when a child reaches 18 or completes secondary education, other states provide for payments to continue until a later age. As another example, educational components may differ, particularly if a child is homeschooled.

A Change in Circumstances May or May Not Be Significant

Parents can petition the court for a modification in child support if circumstances change substantially. However, the rules for determining whether a change is important enough to warrant a reconsideration of child support are not always easy to interpret. A change can be tremendous in the lives of those involved and still not meet a court’s standard. In this type of situation, it is especially helpful to have experienced McKinney family lawyers present the arguments in favor of modification in the manner that is most legally persuasive to the court.

McKinney Family Lawyers Help with a Variety of Child Support Issues

Whether you are the parent paying or the one receiving child support, no one needs to tell you how much these payments impact your ability to run your household. Child support amounts should fairly reflect the living situations of both parents.

If you need help establishing a fair support amount, collecting unpaid support, or seeking a modification in child support terms, contact the experienced McKinney family lawyers at Nordhaus & Nordhaus, PC. All consultations are strictly confidential.