Divorce lawyers often have a reputation as fierce, dramatic, competitive performers who love to argue about every detail of their clients’ lives in front of a judge. The prospect is mortifying, not to mention expensive. But McKinney divorce lawyers handle many divorces very differently.

Read on to find out more about how a collaborative divorce works, how to know if a collaborative divorce is right for you, and how a collaborative divorce lawyer protects your interests throughout the process.

The Collaborative Divorce Process in Texas

When a couple divorces through the collaborative process, they agree not to go to court to resolve any differences. Instead, they work together, often with assistance from a variety of professionals, to come to an agreement regarding issues such as property division, child custody, alimony, and other matters.

Many people in McKinney confuse collaborative divorce with divorce through mediation. While the two share a similar non-combative approach, there are some differences. In mediation, a neutral mediator helps a couple reach a consensus on issues. In a collaborative divorce, the couple themselves develop their terms. However, they may work with financial advisors, appraisers, McKinney divorce lawyers, child custody evaluators, mental health professionals and others in the process of developing a plan that works for both spouses.

Is Collaborative Divorce Right for You?

Collaborative divorce saves couples in McKinney time, stress, and considerable amounts of money all the time. However, the approach will not work in every situation.

To succeed with a collaborative divorce, both spouses must be willing to communicate and compromise. They must also be willing to share information, and willing to work toward a solution that meets everyone’s needs rather than an outcome that punishes the other spouse in some way. McKinney divorce lawyers see collaborative divorce work best when couples can put their goal of mutual satisfaction above a sense of entitlement or a need to prove that they are right.

The Role of McKinney Divorce Lawyers in the Collaborative Divorce Process

So, if a couple is going to work the details of their divorce out of court, why do they need lawyers? It is a reasonable question, but it is important to understand the benefit a legal advisor can bring to any process, including divorce.

When partners work with divorce lawyers in McKinney as they prepare their agreement and other legal requirements for the divorce, their attorney will focus on protecting their individual rights and interests. A collaborative divorce lawyer can help clients:

This allows divorcing spouses to feel empowered during the process and satisfied with the results. Legal assistance can also prevent a couple from spending months ironing out details of an agreement only to have the court reject it because one of the terms violates a legal requirement or public policy objective.

Learn How McKinney Divorce Lawyers Can Help You with Collaborative Divorce

Having a judge decide the terms of your divorce is expensive and may not lead to an agreeable outcome for either party. If you and your soon-to-be-ex can work together to resolve your disagreements and divorce through the collaborative process, you are far more likely to walk away satisfied.

We invite you to contact the experienced McKinney divorce lawyers at Nordhaus & Nordhaus for a free consultation to learn whether collaborative divorce would be right for you.