The COVID crisis did not turn people into domestic abusers. However, the lockdowns that forced families to remain together without a break fostered conditions that made domestic violence situations even more unbearable.

Reflecting a nationwide trend, McKinney divorce lawyers and even personal injury lawyers may see an increase in partners taking legal actions to end their relationships and seek restitution for harm suffered. While some victims of family violence have been able to break free, many are still waiting and hoping that the lifting of restrictions will finally provide the opportunity they need to find safety. 

COVID Created the Perfect Storm for Domestic Violence

Violence against an intimate partner is all about control. The abusive partner may at first seem caring by offering lavish attention and taking steps to accompany the other partner everywhere. However, the helpful attention soon turns to controlling behavior, often cutting the victim off from contact with friends and family.

The isolation imposed by the COVID lockdowns made this all too easy for abusive partners. The added stress from job loss and other factors also frequently ramped up anger and made it common for violence to turn physical with no one to witness what was happening. Many domestic violence victims have found it difficult to reach out for help since even calls to a hotline could be monitored or stopped by an abusive partner.

Statistics are Starting to Bear Out the Domestic Violence Predictions

At the start of the pandemic shutdowns in the spring of 2020, many predicted an increase in family violence and other problems on the home front. Statistics started to confirm the accuracy of these predictions quickly, although it will take a considerable amount of time for the full effect to become known.

The United Nations organization UN Women reported an increase in domestic violence against women and girls worldwide, referring to the situation as a “Shadow Pandemic.” According to UN Women, one out of every three women in the world suffer from violence inflicted by an intimate partner.

Closer to home, the American Journal of Emergency Medicine described the stay-at-home orders as “catastrophic” for those suffering from domestic violence. The Journal cites increases in domestic violence arrests and police calls related to family violence in jurisdictions around the country.

An Experienced Domestic Violence Attorney Can Help You Seek Relief

While it can be difficult for an abused partner to break free during the time of pandemic restrictions, these restrictions can make it easier for them to stay away once they are out. However, with state measures largely lifted, domestic violence victims trying to keep away from an abusive partner may be worried for their safety.

An experienced McKinney domestic violence lawyer can assist by helping a victim seek a protective order to keep an abusive partner from having contact with them or their children. If a domestic violence case is pending, an attorney could assist with a restraining order for protection.

Domestic violence victims are encouraged to remember that help is available even if they feel isolated. To talk to a dedicated domestic violence lawyer in Collin County, contact us now.