Text messaging is notorious for causing problems for divorcing couples. In fact, for years, attorneys advised clients not to text their ex at all before, during, and even after divorce proceedings. 

However, that advice is not realistic. Texting can be a practical way to communicate, so our Allen divorce lawyers offer some guidelines on how to text more effectively to avoid problems. 

Keep Your Message Focused

While you have someone’s attention, it can be tempting to discuss many different topics pertaining to that person. However, a long, complicated text message can be confusing and is more likely to be misinterpreted. Why? You might not receive answers to critical questions, or information you’re trying to share might be missed by the recipient. That said, our Allen divorce lawyers suggest limiting a text message to a single issue so both parties get what they need from the communication. 

Our Allen Divorce Lawyers Urge You To Be Polite 

“Do unto others” is another good rule when it comes to text messages during a divorce. Send the type of message you would like to receive. Text a polite message with a friendly tone and act as if you expect to receive one in return. You might even inspire a cordial response out of pure reflex.

It is often difficult to gauge how others will interpret our words. Divorce lawyers in Allen suggest that you carefully proofread every message before sending it. Even better, read the message aloud to someone else to test their reaction before sending. A question or statement that you find quite reasonable could be taken as an attack by someone who is on the defensive.

Explain Your Reasoning

When you ask your ex for particular information, telling him where to pick up the kids, or seeking anything beyond the usual routine, your ex might quickly become annoyed. Allen divorce lawyers know that if your text message explains why you need the information or why the routine has changed, you might not eliminate all of the annoyance, but you are likely to reduce a lot of it because you are removing much of the reasoning behind the hassle. When you present a perfectly logical reason for the request or change, you make it hard for your ex to complain -- at least to you. 

Our Allen Divorce Lawyers Can Provide Guidance With Many Aspects of Communication During Divorce

Effective, non-confrontational communication during the divorce process can seem like an impossible goal at times. However, when you communicate clearly with your ex, you can reduce the opportunities for problems and speed the resolution of your divorce. 

Your Allen divorce lawyers can offer numerous suggestions for improving communication with your ex, whether by text message, email, phone, or other measures. We can also review the collaborative divorce process to see whether it is right for your situation. For a free divorce consultation to learn more about reducing conflict during the divorce process, contact us today at 214-726-1450 or through our website.