All across the Internet, lawyers and therapists are singing the praises of uncontested or collaborative divorce where parties settle all terms in advance and the court essentially rubber-stamps the final paperwork. While this arrangement may work well for some couples, others would benefit tremendously by having their full case decided by a judge in court. McKinney divorce lawyers explain why the opportunities presented in litigation may be right for your divorce.

Litigation Works Better With Certain Personalities

Some people do not understand how to compromise. Or they simply refuse to even try. They want what they want and will accept nothing less. If you were married to someone like this, your divorce is probably not a surprise to many of your friends and family. A person who refuses to compromise is not a good candidate for a collaborative divorce. 

When a divorce involves this type of personality, the adversarial divorce process may provide the only way to reach a fair agreement regarding the division of assets, child arrangements, and other issues. Plus, when a divorce is litigated, Allen divorce lawyers can handle all the communications on your behalf so that you do not have to deal directly with your ex. 

Texas Divorce Lawyers Know How a Judge Can Help Your Case 

Judges have certain tools at their disposal to manage divorce cases effectively. For instance, if your spouse is withholding financial information, the Allen divorce lawyers can ask the judge to issue a subpoena to obtain that information. 

Another advantage to litigation is that the judge will decide the issues according to the law. For many couples, the legal standards for handling debts and assets provide the fairest and most equitable method for managing these and other issues.  

Why Litigation is Not Right in Every Case

Allen divorce lawyers might recommend litigation in your case, but it is not the right course of action for every divorce. Why? To begin with, litigation adds considerable time and expense to the process. 

Because litigated cases will be decided in accordance with the law, it can be difficult to provide customized solutions to certain issues such as those involving child custody and pets. Also, litigation is an adversarial process, pitting spouses on opposite sides and increasing opportunities for conflict, which can add to the costs and delays. However, if your spouse is already operating in attack mode, litigation may be the best approach to reach a reasonable outcome. 

Talk to Allen Divorce Lawyers to Find the Right Option

To determine the course of action that is likely to produce the best results in your case, it is a good idea to talk to experienced Allen divorce lawyers familiar with both the advantages and drawbacks of litigation. Your attorney could review the process and what to expect so that you can come to an educated decision about the process. For a free consultation to learn more about your options, contact us online or call 214-726-1450.