As 2018 comes to a close, we thought we would take the time to revisit some of our articles from earlier in the year. The following are 10 articles we published on our blog discussing topics related to filing for divorce in Texas:

1. Getting Ready for Your Divorce

While filing for divorce is the first formal step in ending your marriage, there are a number of preliminary steps you can take to help the process go more smoothly. For some tips on preparing yourself for the weeks and months to come, you can read: 10 Key Considerations When Filing for Divorce.

2. Anticipating Challenges During the Process

For most spouses, the ideal scenario is to reach an amicable resolution to their divorce as quickly and amicably as possible. While this is what happens in most cases, in some cases, things do not quite go as planning. To learn what you can expect if you and your spouse are not able to come to terms, you can read: Getting Divorced in Texas: When Negotiations Break Down.

3. Making Strategic Decisions about Your Method of Divorce

Not only are there different types of divorces, but there are also different methods for getting divorced. Learn about the differences between three common divorce-related terms in: Uncontested, Amicable and Collaborative Divorce: What’s the Difference?

4. Preparing for the Best: Pursuing an Amicable Divorce

If your goal is to resolve your divorce amicably, once again, preparation is likely to be the key to success. We provided some information specifically tailored to pursuing an amicable divorce in: 6 Tips to Prepare for an Amicable Divorce.

5. Restoring Fairness in Property Division Through Reimbursement

In Texas, divorcing spouses must divide their marital assets according to what is “just and right.” While this can be a relatively straightforward process in some cases, in others it will be necessary to make use of claims for reimbursement. Learn more: What is a Reimbursement Claim in a Texas Divorce?

6. Health Insurance and Your Divorce

Whether you rely on your spouse for health insurance or your spouse relies on you, health insurance will play an important role in your divorce. Learn more: Health Insurance and Your Divorce: 5 Important Considerations.

7. Taxes and Your Divorce

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made some important changes to the federal income tax laws that apply to recently-divorced spouses. For some tax-planning considerations, you can read: 5 Tax Considerations for Your Texas Divorce.

8. Parenting and Your Divorce

Adjusting to life after a divorce takes time. It is even more difficult for the children who are affected by their parents’ decision to get divorced. For some law-inspired parenting tips, you can read: Practical Tips for Parenting After a Divorce.

9. Answering Your Children’s Questions

Even from a relatively young age, if you and your spouse file for divorce, your children are going to have questions. We provided some tips for answering common questions in: Answering Your Kids’ Questions During Your Divorce.

10. Special Considerations for Senior Citizens

Are you thinking about getting divorced as a senior citizen? If so, there are some special considerations you will want to keep in mind. For more information, you can read: Special Considerations for Getting Divorced as a Senior Citizen in Texas.

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