If you have decided to for divorce in 2018, there is a lot you need to know. Here are 10 key considerations to help you begin your preparations:

1. Maintaining Your Lifestyle After Your Divorce

Getting a divorce should not significantly impact your lifestyle. While some changes are inevitable, there are several steps you can – and should – take to protect your personal assets and finances. From identifying your separate property to addressing your children’s college savings, there are several factors to keep in mind.

2. Custody and Parenting Time

Texas’s child custody laws do not inherently favor either parent in a divorce. The sole focus is the best interests of the children, and both parents have equal opportunity to secure the custody and parenting time rights they desire.

3. Answering Your Children’s Questions

If you have children, in addition to addressing child custody and child support, you will also need to be prepared to address your children’s questions during your divorce. There are tactful ways to answer difficult questions, and there are some basic guidelines you will want to follow.

4. Understanding Your Options

In Texas, you have options when it comes to filing for divorce. Uncontested, amicable and collaborative divorces all involve different rules and procedures, and each offers different benefits in different circumstances.

5. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Under the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the tax rules for alimony are changing in 2019. These changes will have significant impacts for some divorcing spouses, and it will be important to understand how the new law will impact your divorce.

6. Mistakes to Avoid

When preparing for a divorce, in addition to taking various proactive steps, there are also several mistakes you will want to avoid. These mistakes are all too common, and they can have drastic implications for the outcome of the process.

7. Deciding When to File

While you should absolutely make an informed decision about when you file, the timing implications are not necessary as significant as many people think. The key is to make sure you are prepared, and that you are pursuing the option that gives you the best chance for a quick and favorable resolution.

8. Protecting Your Privacy

These days, privacy is a bigger concern than ever. This is particularly true online, and particularly when you are dealing with family-related matters. Here are four tips for protecting your privacy during your divorce.

9. The Reality of “Online Divorce”

The reality of “online divorce” is that there is no such thing as an online divorce. While companies like LegalZoom sell document packages that will allow you to complete a DIY divorce if you do everything correctly and go to court on your own, there are several reasons not to get your divorce online.

10. Preparing for the Future

From filing your taxes to protecting your credit, there are several aspects of post-divorce life that it is best to begin addressing during the divorce process. By working with an experienced attorney, you can ensure that you identify and address all of the relevant issues before they create issues down the line.

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