Getting divorced can be a life-changing experience, and the decision to file for divorce is not one to be taken lightly. From the emotional and family consequences to the more-practical financial considerations (e.g., Which assets will you be able to keep? Will you be paying or receiving spousal support?), there are several important issues that should factor into your decision of whether, and when, to file for divorce.

According to data from the Texas Department of State Health Services, roughly 80,000 couples get divorced in Texas every year. So, if you are thinking about divorce, you are not alone. Here are five potential warning signs for divorce, as published by Reader’s Digest and

1. Negative Communications.

While constructive disagreements can be essential to a healthy relationship, too much disagreement and negativity can be a sign of incompatibility and long-term dissatisfaction. One study suggests that while happy couples have 20 positive interactions for every negative interaction, among couples that end up getting divorced the ratio is closer to one-to-one.

2. Lack of Communication.

In addition to constantly having negative interactions, having only limited interaction can be a potential warning sign for divorce as well. Then, there is the issue of “speaking but not communicating.” If you and your spouse only speak superficially or about mundane topics (e.g., Did you take out the trash this morning?), experts suggest that this may indicate a lack of the intimacy necessary to support a long-term marriage.

3. Important Disagreements.

In certain instances, disagreements over major, life-affecting issues can foreshadow a divorce. Did you and your spouse sidestep the question of whether you wanted children before you got married? Has one of you changed your mind? Do you want to move while your spouse wants to stay close to family? These types of issues can drastically impact spouses’ feelings of happiness and fulfillment, and they may ultimately lead to a decision to file for divorce.

4. Infidelity.

While some spouses are willing to look past cheating or use counseling or other methods to strengthen their marriage in the face of infidelity, for others, infidelity signals the end of the relationship. Infidelity is grounds for divorce in Texas (Texas allows for divorce on no-fault grounds as well), and if you think your marriage may be over, now is the time to begin to prepare.

5. Lack of Effort (or Interest) in Salvaging the Relationship.

Some couples simply grow apart over time, which is one of the primary reasons for the rising rate of “grey” divorces. While spouses will often have opportunities to rekindle old bonds or find new ways to connect with one another, they often fail to do so. Whether due to lack of effort or lack of interest, this will often be a warning sign that a divorce may be on the horizon.

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