If you have been doing your research about filing for divorce, you have probably come across more than one website offering the promise of getting your divorce online. While this may seem like an appealing, low-cost option, there are a number of reasons why going through the divorce process online is not ideal for most spouses. Consider, for example, the following:

1. You Cannot Actually “Get Divorced” Online.

First, it is important to understand that you cannot actually “get divorced” online. Many online service providers try to hide the ball when it comes to identifying all of the steps involved in actually filing for divorce. But, in order to get divorced, you will need to file the appropriate paperwork in court, and you may even need to appear in person.

2. Getting Divorced Online Means Going Through a Legal Process Without a Lawyer.

Getting divorced is a legal process. It is complicated, and it can have consequences that extend far beyond simply bringing an end to your marriage. When you fill out your divorce papers online, you are doing so without the benefit of experience that comes with hiring a divorce attorney.

Online divorce sites make it extremely clear that they are not providing “legal representation” or “legal services.” Instead, what you are getting is access to a computer program that helps you fill out the basic court forms that you can then use to file for divorce in your (or your spouse’s) local court.

3. There is More to Getting Divorced than Most People Realize.

Even if you and your spouse think you are completely on the same page, there is a strong chance that you haven’t yet fully considered all of the issues involved in your divorce. Do you know which assets are subject to division and which are yours to keep outright? Did you consider all of your spouse’s income sources in calculating child support? Most spouses find that they quickly gain a better understanding of the scope of the divorce process once they sit down for a free consultation.

4. It May End Up Costing More to “Fix” Your Divorce.

While it can be relatively cheap to file for divorce yourself, your divorce can become much, much costlier if you make mistakes or overlook key issues along the way. For example, property divisions are generally considered final (meaning that you may give up assets to which you were legally entitled), and modifying a support or custody order involves satisfying additional requirements that do not apply during the original divorce process.

5. Some “Online Divorce” Websites are Scams.

Finally, while most of the online divorce options you will see in the first page of your search results are offered by well-known companies, there are online divorce scams out there. If you ultimately decide to go the online divorce route, do your research, and be particularly wary of any provider that offers paperwork that is not state-specific, guarantees or “quick and easy” divorces.

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