The phenomenon of the gray divorce has led to a tidal change in society.  The term "gray" divorce refers to people divorcing in mid-life.  Although the national divorce rate is dropping, the divorce rate among baby boomers (people born between 1946--1964 who are age 51-68) has doubled in the last 20 years.  Collin County divorce attorneys report that an astounding one in four people over fifty is now divorcing.  Studies show that women initiate an incredible 66 percent of these divorces. 

While acknowledging that no two marriages--and therefore no two divorces--are the same, some common reasons for the late-in-life divorces emerge.  Call it the empty nester syndrome, which is when couples who stayed together for the sake of their children or who perhaps only had children and family in common, fall apart when the children leave.  Women of the baby boomer generation are more financially independent than their predecessors, so they are willing and able to leave a marriage if they decide they are unhappy. 

Happiness is a key consideration for people in the last quarter of their lives.  People are living longer than ever before and when faced with 25 or 35 more years of life, finding happiness has become much more important.  Many people are willing to leave long marriages for the search.

Over 50 and Single Again

So what will people who are single in their silver years find?  A simple search on the Internet reveals that there are many dating and entertainment options solely for them.  In recent years, there has been an explosion of online dating sites marketed to the 50 and over group.  In fact, this group is the fastest growing segment of the online dating market. 

The sites differ in what they ask the participants; some require detailed profiles, while others may not require any questionnaires be filled out at all.  Most sites allow prospective clients to browse for free, so it is a good idea to take advantage of this to see which site is a good fit.  Divorce attorneys advise, however, that dating sites are intended to arrange first dates--whether there is a second date is entirely up to the parties.

Meet-ups targeting empty-nesters and those 50 and older are also excellent ways for single silvers to find companionship and fun.  Meet-ups are social groups organized in many cities in the country.  The groups focus on a variety of activities, such as book clubs, adventure, coffee and tea clubs, dinner and theater clubs, new-to-town clubs, Empty-Nester club, etc.  The idea is to join the meet-up group with which you want to socialize. 

The Silver Years

People in their 50s and above typically have older children or children who have recently become adults and are now on their own.  They have time to rediscover hobbies, passions, careers and friendships.  Because the years remaining are fewer, they want them to count. 

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