Russ Baker recently represented a Hispanic gentlemen on a Possession of Marijuana case. Adding to the complexity of the case was the fact he was in the United States with no immigration status.

This gentleman has lived in America for 18 years, basically since he was a baby. At the time of arrest, his fiancé was pregnant. Immediately after he was arrested for the possession case, Immigration and Customs Enforcement put and immigration hold on him which would most likely cause him to be deported back to Mexico if convicted.  Mr. Baker applied pressure to the McKinney PD and DA's office to get the case filed quickly and immediately set the case for trial. His fiancé was due to deliver their baby the week of trial. On the Tuesday of trial, December 8, 2009, he was found NOT GUILTY and the federal judge released the immigration hold on him a couple of days later.

As a result, not only was he able to stay here with his family (mom, dad, sisters and fiancé) but he was home in time to be present for the birth of his son two days after his release from jail. He is currently taking the necessary steps to become a legal resident of the United States.